Jane Katims is the author and co-producer of six radio series for Wisconsin Public Radio, one earning her a George Foster Peabody Award in Broadcasting. Her series include: The Author is You, Book Trails, Worlds of Art, Wisconsin on the Move, Listening to My Feelings, and Through My Senses. She has written radio documentaries for WEN, WGBH, WBUR, and WCAS (Everybody Do What You're Doing, My Bike Got Swiped, Health Care -- Person to Person, Jack Tale Interview, The Toby Story, Birth Control -- What Choices? What to Do With My Life, Women and Music, and others).

In 2004, she was awarded a John Woods Scholarship in Fiction Writing (Western Michigan University) which entitled her to attend the Prague Summer Seminars. She is presently working on a collection of short stories, Getting the Gals Going, and a novel, Until Now and has completed a poetry collection, Dancing on a Slippery Floor..

Jane Katims earned her BA at the University of Wisconsin and her M.Ed at Lesley University. She presently teaches contemporary literature and creative writing at The Cambridge Center for Adult Education and at Tufts Institute for Lifelong Learning at Tufts University. In addition, she leads private writing workshops in poetry, memoir, and fiction writing. She has previously taught at Middlesex Community College; Buckingham, Browne and Nichols; and The Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis.

Jane Katims is a member the Board of Visitors of the English Department of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She lives with her family near Boston, Massachusetts.

You can contact Jane at janekatims@gmail.com


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