"An Opening Through Time" NEW ESSAY! In WEST TEXAS LITERARY REVIEW (Click on website, Then click on "Issues" and go to Issue 4 December 2017 and find my story in table of contents. Thanks for reading!

"Algonquin" story in THE COACHELLA REVIEW

 Go to --then to archives and BLOG  June 2017 and scroll down to find my story. 

Croissants, Casseroles, a Fine Bordeaux NEW ESSAY! in PROXIMITYMAGAZINE.ORG Issue #3:"Stuff"(July 2014)online

See also Interview about the Proximity Magazine story:

Without a Hitch NEW SHORT STORY in THE COACHELLA REVIEW (Summer, 2014)online To access: Go to Go to archives, Summer 2014 Issue and scroll down to my (fiction) story Without a Hitch

Until Now SHORT STORY in PEARL MAGAZINE Issue #40 (2009)

The Author Is You, 15 programs on creative writing, produced for Wisconsin Educational Network (WEN)

Book Trails, 30 programs on literature (WEN)

Worlds of Art, 20 programs on art appreciation (WEN)

Wisconsin on the Move, 10 social studies programs (WEN)

Listening to My Feelings, 12 programs about emotions and communication (WEN)

Through My Senses, 8 programs about sense awareness (WEN)

Everybody Do What You're Doing, a program about creativity and career choice (WEN)

Health Care -- Person to Person, 6 programs about communication between doctor and patient

What To Do With My Life, a program about career choice (WBUR)

Women and Music, a program about careers in music (WCAS)

My Bike Got Swiped, a documentary about bicycle theft (WEN)

Violence Against Women, a program about brutality in families (Nat. Public Radio)

Birth Control -- What Choices? a program about contraception (WBUR)

Jack Tale Interview and The Toby Story, features for children about folk tales (WGBH)

Mu's View, children's book, New Seed Press


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