Dancing on a Slippery Floor

"...Jane Katims now demonstrates her impressive skills as a wordsmith with Dancing On A Slippery Floor, a very highly recommended book of poetry showcasing an undeniable talent with free verse pieces that evoke recognition and appreciation in the mind of the reader."

       "The Midwest Book Review" LIBRARY BOOKWATCH: JUNE 2007

"With vivid imagery and genuine emotion, Dancing on a Slippery Floor powerfully expresses the poet's reactions to the world around her. From the simple pleasure of a perfect flower arrangement to the lingering anguish of her mother's death, author Jane Katims captures moments of life and reveals her keen powers of observation."

"Poet Jane Katims applies a keen sense of nuance to her craft, creating poetry from a single color, a casual glance, or a distant memory. Dancing on a Slippery Floor is filled with pensive observations shimmering in free verse that is surprising and fresh. Katims' earthy imagery, versatile language, and complex emotion allows readers a peek at the world through the acuity of finely tuned poetic spectacles."

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Dancing on a Slippery Floor by Jane Katims (ISBN 1-56167-969-0, paperback, 62 pages, $9.95 US) can be ordered through your local bookseller, major Internet booksellers, i.e., Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Walmart.com, or AuthorsBookShop.com


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